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Welcome to BOOKNETZ. Leading Content Distributor Across The Globe.

We are creating value and experience in distribution both for our business partners and consumers. We help our partners cover more avenues for their business while optimizing on efficiency and speed of distribution. Our facilities are optimally located across the country to help expand reach with best-in-class delivery timelines.
We have strong processes, great relationships and talented team to deliver results in complex and highly volatile environments.
Our relentless focus on process and technology enables you to sell your products globally with zero upfront costs and warehousing.
Our highly curated and customized account management services help you meet the unique needs of the market.
Our state-of-the-art Dashboards will provide you access to live insights into your content and sales.
Services We Offer

And Value We Bring

BOOKNETZ - content management

We manage your Content

  • Preparing your content and meta data for Ingestion.
  • Website catalog listings, searchable on a wide variety of fields.
  • Backup of refined data on secured servers.

BOOKNETZ - online distribution

Help You Get Online and Grow Your Business

  • Your Book Online, In Stores, and Around the World.
  • Supply chain savings by manufacturing on demand, Zero Inventory, zero obsolescence.

BOOKNETZ - Digital marketing

The Best Marketing doesn't feel like Marketing

  • Lightning deals.
  • Coupon codes.
  • Targeted advertising.

BOOKNETZ - business analytics

Business Agility with Faster Insights

  • Unique insights into your sales.
  • Insights into customers buying pattern.